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Assignment 3 for HBC
        Ci woke up to the smell of perfume and the sound of giggling girls and cringed. She rolled over in her bed and tried to inhale the sweet smell of grass and go back to sleep, but it was no use. The smell of over-produced lilacs and Brittany Spear's new perfume were already engraved into her nostrils. Sighing, she swung out of bed and got ready. After checking all of her plants in the greenhouse connected to the cabin and stepping outside, Ci nearly had a heart attack. The camp fire was pink, all of the cabins were decorated in pink and red hearts, and all of the cabins also had decorated mail boxes for each inhabitant. This could only mean one thing, it was Valentine's Day.
        Stepping out to go get some breakfast, Ci looked at the sky with suspicion in her eye. Too many times had she heard horror stories about Eros coming in, shooting un-suspecting campers, and then unrequited lovers causing ha
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     The dim light filtered odd shapes and patterns and figures on the hard-wood floor; shades of mysteries long lost and tales since forgotten. Dust filtered among the light, twirling and dancing like those who used to on the old floor, fading and disappearing as one who waltzes does. In the corner sat an old 88, whose ivories had long been touched. On the opposite side of the room, on the wall was a bar, worn down by years of hands gripping it for support and balance. The large bay windows were the ones who brought the light in, the artists of the stories on the floor. Faded pale pink drapes were hung over the artists, once magnificent gowns now dusty with age and neglect. If one were to look out the windows, they would spy a courtyard down below, home to small rose bushes, bushes, and vines which were slowly crawling up the sides of the brick walls. The garden, although over-grown and desolate looking, had a sort of elegance to it, a pale beauty one would fi
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Simple Questions
          "Green alligators and long-necked geese, humpty-back camels and chimpanzees, Rats and cats and elephants are sure as your born, but you're never going to see a unicorn!"
The mother finished the song with a smile and a tap of her daughter's nose. Smiling, she stood up and tucked her little cherub into bed.
         "Sing it again mommy!" The little girl cried out, un-tucking herself. The mother laughed and tucked the girl back into bed.
        "Not now little one, in the morning." Walking towards the door, she paused before she turned off the lights. Soon after though, a voice spoke from the darkness.  
        "Mommy, what's an elephant?"
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Nick new OC by Allamericangirl966 Nick new OC :iconallamericangirl966:Allamericangirl966 0 0 Assignment 2: A.C makeover by Allamericangirl966 Assignment 2: A.C makeover :iconallamericangirl966:Allamericangirl966 0 0
Assignment for HBC 1
Ci got out of her dad's pick-up truck and looked around. The only thing she could see around her was grass, except for a lone pine tree at the top of the hill closest to her. Walking back towards the trunk of the car, she grabbed her duffle bag and lifted it onto her shoulder, grunting under the weight of it and leaning towards the left after placing it on that shoulder. Ci looked over and saw her dad, who was slowly lumbering towards her. For a moment, a sense of nostalgia washed over Ci, as she thought of the long nights she had spent with her father, sitting in bed, laughing, reading bed-time stories, and being close to each other. As she quickly approached this new chapter in her life, Ci wasn't sure she wanted to leave her life she left behind. Sure, she would come back in the winter, but Ci knew she would never look at the little farm house surrounded by miles of field that she had called home for 11 years of her life again. The feeling left soon though, and Ci began to trudge up
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Percy Jackson OC- Circe by Allamericangirl966 Percy Jackson OC- Circe :iconallamericangirl966:Allamericangirl966 0 2 Heart Smoke... by Allamericangirl966 Heart Smoke... :iconallamericangirl966:Allamericangirl966 0 0 Christmas lights by Allamericangirl966 Christmas lights :iconallamericangirl966:Allamericangirl966 1 0
Bellatrix's Martial
                      Her cold reflection stared back at her in the dusty mirror, unfeeling and deathly. And she sat, perfectly, straight and seemingly untouched.  Her hair in a bun adorned with diamonds embedded on a veil, a priceless goblin necklace across her chest, and wedding robe generations old. She blinked; and continued to stare. Today was her wedding day, yet she felt unmoved. Her other sister had already gotten married; as well as her other goody-two-shoes sister. Today, she though, her name would change from Black to Lestrange. Today, Bellatrix Black will be known as Bellatrix Lestrange.
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Sam Algorith- HP OC-Contest
Samantha Elise Algorith, or as her friends and everyone else called her, Sam, walked into the Ravenclaw Common Room, walked straight up to one of the couches, and collapsed. Although it was a Saturday, unlike most students, Sam had spent the day she what she enjoyed doing most: studying for her classes, practicing Quidditch, and exploring Hogwarts. She welcomed her cat, Mix, into her lap and began to stroke her. Taking out her 11-and-a-half inch hazel wood unicorn hair wand, she began to practice a transfiguration spell on a dust bunny near her foot, and her thoughts drifted to her favorite class, A History of Magic. Yesterday they had learned about the Goblin Wars, which was not the most interesting thing she had learned in that class, it was still useful. Sam then took one look out the looming windows, saw that a thunderstorm was upon Hogwarts, and drifted asleep.
:iconallamericangirl966:Allamericangirl966 1 0
The Tale of the Nightingale
                                        The Tale of the Nightingale
        Once, when the mountains were young, there lived a young gale who lived many miles east of the mountains and the Great River. She lived in the Fair Forest, where many trees grew, food was plenty, and she could fly free. The gale had the prettiest song voice the world had ever seen too. One night in late winter, the gale fell out of the sky, for she had not sung at all that day and it angered the creator of birds, Ralo, who enjoyed her voice immensly. So that night, Ralo sent the gale to the Valley of Gold, where she would spend the rest of her days in a place she would hate. When the gale woke up, she was surprised to see a desert around her and a dead, barren landscape inste
:iconallamericangirl966:Allamericangirl966 0 4
How the Rattlesnake Came to be
                                     How the Rattlesnake Came to be
One time, long ago in the Valley of Gold, lived a beautiful young sprite named Criarda. Criarda had long gold hair, a pointed face, almond shaped eyes, and a smile that was evil yet gorgeous. She would spend her days sitting on golden limestone rocks near the bank of the Great River, basking in the sun. Despite her appearance, Criarda was spiteful and mean to other creatures. As other creatures wandered along the river bank, Criarda would melt into the rocks, then leap out at the other creatures, laughing manically as the ran away frighted, because when Criarda lunged at them, she would hiss and bare her fake fangs.
One day in the season with little rain, Criarda was basking in the sun when she noticed a tiny Trade Rat ambling along the
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The explination
An Explanation of a new World
Rotia is a world of it's own in the Andromeda Galaxy. On the planet, there are 6 nations, each different. Everything about that nation concerns on it's national jewel, which play an important role in society on every nation. West of the planet's 'middle', lies a large kingdom named Rubis. Their jewel is what we call a Ruby, except the rubies here are larger, and much more beautiful than anything we know. To the east on the planet's 'middle' Lies the nation of Smeraldo, a lush, green kingdom with the Emerald as its gem. Smeraldo and Rubis are enemies, and have hated each other for so long, they have forgotten why. What we call our North Pole is the kingdom of Saffier,  a land of ice, with their gem being a Sapphire. Where the 'South Pole' lies is the kingdom of Ossidiana, a land of night and darkness.  Their 'gem' is Obsidian, and they are known as outcasts to most of the world, and their biggest enemy is the kingdom of Saffier, 
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Selkie-contest entry by Allamericangirl966
Mature content
Selkie-contest entry :iconallamericangirl966:Allamericangirl966 1 2
Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love by Allamericangirl966 Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love :iconallamericangirl966:Allamericangirl966 1 0

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United States
That's me. Kinda

Current Residence: Somewhere your not
Favourite genre of music: Indie Pop. Lol, oxymoron
Favourite style of art: Traditional
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Personal Quote: "You can grow flowers from where dirt used to be"- Kate Nash
Oh look, im making a journal.

Well, various things have been happening. i got a lap top. i might even get the sims 3- which is exciting; schools started, and i like all of my classes, except maybe geometry. i was elected as historian for show choir. so with this new lap top, i have not installed any of the office program yet. which stinks, because right now, i really want to be expressing my self, and since ive decidedim going writing, i can't really do anything about. pardon my spelling, grammer and capatiliztion errors, im tired and im just writing this to vent really. Well, i think monday my boy friend broke up with me. i didn't really care. i felt like we just called out selves something different; we were never really looking at each other in a romantic way. I guess that my hopeless romantic part of me speaking. so i was in a pretty good today, and when im in the those moods i get really excited and just want to scream around and stuff. Songs mostly helped with that, and for the past half hour ive been listening to Avril Lavigne, which can be really hopeful or depressing. so it's kinda harping on my good mood, but whatever. The song im listening to right now really wants to make me express my self, but with no typing avalible, and my amazing drawing skills and not-in-the-mood to dance right know im kinda lost. i could right, but i don't know what to. i just want to type really, i find it easier when i type for the words to just come out as a type, this happens when im writing too, but i just don't feel like it. im really tired. i need to study for my biology quizam thats tomorrow. but i really don't want to
it seems that i bottle up my emotions a lot and that's often why i want to scream at random times of the day, ask people what they would do if i threw something at them, or just hurt them because there presence is annoying me for some reason, i apologize if ive ever done that to you. i wore leggings today, and it was very akward. i don't think anyone told me you could kinda see my underwear until 6th period. im kinda goi ng through a hype right know, i just want to know if i can get the sims 3, because it
s actually an option know, my family computer would've never been able to run that type of game with the amazing graphics that make it amazing. i should stop rambleing now, but like the energizer bunny, i just want to keep going, ang going, thinking about everylittle thing in my life, examing how no one responds the way id like, or how i wish i was payed more attention, possibly why i want to be famous, for something, because sometimes it just doesn't seem like im good at anything. im ok at singing, not horrible, not bad. the only thing im good at is thinking outside and between the lines and knowing about history. but anyone can do that; i also think that im going to be something important to the world; but a lot of people feel like that and there not.

I watched "Stephen Hawkin's Into the universe" the other day, and he practically said, "we won't be able to travel back in time." Unless we want to kill space time and fabric. he kinda killed me inside when he said that. me being all history esque, ive always wanted to go back in time. books are the best option, or museums. but to go truely back in time would be amazing. he did say that we could go into the future. i really don't want to go into that right now though, my head hurts. lets just say you have to go pretty darn fast to do it.

ill stoip boring you know. goodnight folks.
  • Listening to: Alice
  • Reading: Les Miserables


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